Thursday, January 30, 2014

Xnalimits - Portfolio

2D Games

Flappy Birds Ripoff
For tutorial and seminar purposes only

 Monkey and Balloons
a 2d platform game developed in c# and xna

a 2d Tank Shooting Game

Legend Of Heroes 
a 2D rpg prototype made with c# and XNA


3D Games

A game made within 48 hours for global game jam competition.
Coded in c# and Xna, models from 3ds max and maya.

Legend Of Heroes - 3D Final game
a 3D Role-Playing game coded in c# and xna for Thesis software

Terrain Tanks 
a 3rd person shooting game using C# and XNA

The English in Asia
a 3rd person naval shooting game using c#, Xna and DirectX

And lastly, my first 3D game. 
a 3rd person shooter using airplanes

Patrick James Lim for the Interface design of Legend of Heroes (3D)
Mathew Martin of Wireframe Sequence for 3D structures of Legend of Heroes and Asylum
Chabs Coronacion for 3D models and structures of Asylum
Mj Castro for 2D texture and graphic design of Asylum
Magz Hoho for 2D textures and arts of Asylum

3D Models



Loan System
SQLite Database Admin

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